Below are some FAQ's but contact us directly with any other questions.

Is Language Linq a school?

Language Linq isn't a traditional school, but we do provide classes with a set curriculum for companies desiring English Language courses for their employees.  All classes, workshops, and seminars are tailored to the needs of the company.

Does Language Linq only teach English?

No, the focus of Language Linq is English, but Language Linq training involves a lot more than just language.  Language Linq highlights common cultural habits that are part of communication.  Language Linq also inserts business and entrepreneurial success strategies into the content.

Who are the instructors for Language Linq?

All instructors at Language Linq are fully accredited ESL/EFL instructors with at least five years experience teaching.  Founder Erik Seversen is still actively involved in Language Linq instruction.  He has taught in France, Japan, Thailand, and colleges and universities within the USA.  He's also taught at corporations including France / USA Contacts, Siemens, Philip Morris, and Capital One.

Does Language Linq teach people not in business?

Yes, Language Linq can help anyone who wants to improve their lives through better English.

Where are Language Linq classes held?

Most Language Linq seminars, workshops, classes, and coaching sessions are done onsite at business locations and schools, but off-site facilities are sometimes used as situation warrants.